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Bear Grylls Producer Snakebite Foot Injury Picture

Social media message featuring an image depicting a severe foot injury claims that the injury was the result of a snakebite suffered by Stephen Rankin a producer of the Bear Grylls television series.

Brief Analysis
The claims are true. The image does depict a snakebite related injury to producer Stephen Rankin's foot and was posted by Bear Grylls himself via his Twitter feed. Later, less gruesome post-surgery pictures have also been posted online.

Bear Grylls Producer Snake Bite

Detailed Analysis
A graphic image showing a rather gruesome foot injury is currently going viral via social media posts, blogs and forums. Most of the posts claim that the depicted foot injury is the result of a snakebite suffered by the producer of the Bear Grylls television series Man vs Wild. Some alternative versions claim that the injury was the result of a biking accident or other causes.

However, the Bear Grylls version of the message is in fact the correct one. Man vs Wild producer Stephen Rankin was indeed bitten by a snake and had to have surgery for a seriously injured foot as a result. Bear Grylls himself posted news of the bite along with a link to the graphic image, via the following tweet to his million plus Twitter followers:

our man vs wild producer suffering from a brutal snake bite - fighting the injury with courage.

Bear Grylls Snakebite Tweet

Stephen Rankin later replied, noting in a tweet:

@BearGrylls thanks Bear for your good wishes. Slightly less gruesome pic post surgery!

Stephan Rankin Tweet

Mr Rankin was bitten by a Fer-de-Lance snake while working in Costa Rica scouting locations for an upcoming Discovery show. The species (Bothrops asper ) is extremely venomous. Mr Rankin is reportedly recovering well from his injury and notes on his Twitter feed that he is now back at the office.

Last updated: May 7, 2013
First published: May 7, 2013
Research: Matthew and Brett Christensen
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