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Do Circulating Images Show Puppies being 'Guarded' by a King Cobra?

Circulating messages that feature photographs depicting two puppies apparently trapped in a well with a large cobra snake as company claim that the snake was in fact guarding the dogs from harm until they could be rescued.

Brief Analysis
Although the images themselves appear to be genuine, the apparent motivation of the snake is - of course - nothing more than wide-eyed speculation. Attempting to apply human emotions and behaviours to animals is demeaning to both the animals and the humans spreading such tales. As yet, I have found no credible information about where and when the photographs were taken or what actually happened to the puppies or the snake.


King Cobra With Puppies

This incident took place in Punjab (INDIA) when 2 puppies fell inside a well. The mother of the 2 puppies kept barking at the well which probed the owner of the dogs to peep inside. To his amazement he found that a King Cobra silently stayed by the side of these 2 puppies and didn’t pose any threat to them. As a matter of fact the King Cobra guided the puppies to stay by the safe end of the well which further prevented them from drowning in water.

The puppies and the snake remained in the well for 48 hours. When help arrived from the forest department the snake moved to the other end of the pool. The puppies are safe and sound at this moment. The snake was later removed from the well and released in the woods.

Even the deadliest and fiercest of animals learned their lessons of co-existence and empathy. We are still lacking behind all of them. It’s actually a shame on our intelligence.

This happened in Punjab, India, were two pups fell by accident into a well,while playing with other siblings. The owner of the pups found 2 puppies missing in the group and later found the mother dog barking near a shallow well. To his surprise, he found the puppies in the well along with a King Cobra. They found that the Cobra which was supposed to be a threat for all animals including Man, was actually safeguarding the little pups from not getting drowned when the pups moved towards the danger area of the well.

People who gathered around didn't have the courage to get into the well and save the pups because the snake was around. The puppies and the Snake remained in the well for 48 hrs, until the forest authority came and rescued the pups and the snake was released into the forest.

Detailed Analysis
These photographs, which appear to depict two puppies stuck in a well along with a large cobra, are currently circulating vigorously via social media posts and email. Messages that travel with the images claim that the snake actually guarded the stricken dogs and kept them from harm until human helpers could rescue them. The messages suggest that the snake must have felt empathy for the pups and thus sought to protect rather than threaten them.

There is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the images themselves. But, the claim that the cobra was somehow motivated to protect the puppies stretches credibility to breaking point. In fact, the entire story depends on the reader being able to anthropomorphize human emotions onto a reptile - something that only works if you suspend biological and scientific fact. Especially since the location and circumstances under which the photos were taken remain unverified. Given this lack of verification, the fate of the puppies - and the snake for that matter - remains unclear.

Thus, it is unknown if the animals were really rescued as claimed. And, whatever the outcome, the true motivation of the cobra is - of course - unknowable. Even if the snake did remain beside the pups without harming them as claimed, suggesting that the snake's behaviour was due to feelings of empathy for the pups is nothing but fanciful conjecture. The snake may have simply let the dogs alone because it did not feel threatened by them and was not hungry at the time. Trying to equate human emotions and sensibilities on animals is in fact demeaning to the animals. And it makes those doing the equating look rather foolish.

Last updated: February 4, 2013
First published: February 4, 2013
Article written by Brett M. Christensen with David M. White
Research by David White, Brett Christensen
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