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No, Microwaving your Smart Phone Will NOT Charge Its Battery

Circulating message claims that placing your smart phone in a microwave for one minute will fully charge its battery.

Brief Analysis
Microwaving your phone certainly will NOT charge its battery. It WILL totally destroy your phone and may damage your microwave oven as well. The message is just a nasty prank designed to trick gullible recipients into ruining their smart phones. While most recipients are likely to quickly see the claims in the message as the nonsense they are, a few more wide-eyed recipients may actually believe what they read and destroy their expensive phones.

Microwave phone to charge battery

A smart phone microwaved for just one minute will fully charge the battery. In 2005 Apple started a smear campaign to discourage customers from using this method to charge phones as it would affect charger sales. Scientific studies shows that charging a phone this way is safe and is actually better for the phone's battery life as electrical current found in mains can fluctuate and damage the battery cell.

Detailed Analysis

According to this "tip", which circulates via social media posts, you can quickly charge your smart phone's battery by placing it in a microwave oven for just one minute. The message claims that the charging method is safe and better for the phone's battery than conventional chargers. Supposedly, Apple has tried to discourage use of the technique to avoid loss of charger sales.

Not surprisingly, however, the message is just a heinous prank designed to trick the gullible into microwaving their smart phones. Of course, putting your phone in a microwave will NOT charge its battery. It WILL destroy your phone to the extent that it will never work again. And it may damage your microwave oven as well.

Most recipients are likely to quickly recognize the message as a prank. Nevertheless, submissions indicate that at least a few people do take the message seriously.

If you are keen to see what actually happens when someone microwaves a phone, the following YouTube video might satisfy your curiosity.

Last updated: June 13, 2013
First published: June 13, 2013
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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